Sick Leave Bank

What is it?

The sick leave bank provides sick leave for any members of the bank who are sick and who have exhausted all sick leave, personal leave and vacation. (SCDE Board Policy 5.302.P01)  All Sullivan County professional staff are eligible to join the bank!

How is it “funded?”

When an employee initially joins the bank, they must donate 3 sick days to the bank.  If the balance of days in the sick bank ever falls below a minimum threshold (usually, fewer days than there are members) every active member of the bank is assessed 1 day.  (This is rare! According to our records, this assessment has happened once in the 10+ year history of the bank.)

How is it used?

If you are sick and have exhausted all of your available sick leave and personal leave, you may submit an application to the sick leave trustees (a panel of professional staff and central office staff.)  Within 10 days, the trustees will make a decision and may award up to 20 days at a time.

How do I join?

Just like an open enrollment period for insurance, you may only join the sick bank during August, September, or October of a given year.  Human Resources will have a form available for anyone interested in joining in the fall.

Why is it important?

In Tennessee, public employees cannot directly donate sick days to colleagues who are in need.  This is the most effective way for us to help our friends after an accident or serious illness.

Do you have additional questions?

Contact us!