What is Collaborative Conferencing?

Collaborative Conferencing is the process by which professional staff negotiate with the school board and it’s representatives.

Why do we have to vote?

This is a representative process.  Teachers get to decide who represents them in conferencing.

Why is this important to me?

Conferencing covers topics that are important to every teacher.  Salaries and wages, Insurance, and working conditions to name a few.  Every county works with a limited amount of resources, this is our opportunity to be part of the discussion of how those resources are allocated.


The Sullivan County Education Association has been working for every teacher for more than 50 years.  When our team goes to conference, we are briefed by TEA’s policy experts and are kept up to date on the most recent legal developments by TEA lawyers.  Our experienced negotiators know how to get what teachers need because we’re all teachers too!


Meet our team

Jeremy McLaughlin

President of the SCEA.

Physics teacher at Sullivan Central High School

Tim Dale

SCEA Treasurer.

Librarian at Indian Springs Elementary School


Dr. Teddi Adler

Past President of SCEA.

2nd Grade Teacher at Rock Springs


Athena Warren

Past President of SCEA.

1st Grade Teacher at Mary Hughes.


Lloyd “Sport” Putney

Past President of SCEA.

Carpentry teacher at Sullivan Central High School.